I've been memed...

...or perhaps this time I should say I've been 'megged (when a ballhandler intentionally passes the ball through a defenders legs, then the defender has been "nutmegged"), since I was tagged at Life in a Nutshell.

A Picture of Now, Between Past and Future.

1.a.  Describe your outfit.

An extra large T-shirt the celebrates the match between Real Madrid and Real Salt Lake last year and a pair of boxers. I just woke up.

b.  What associations does the main color invoke?

It's gray. It evokes memories of countless others gray athletic T-shirts and the boys (and men) in this house who wear them.

c.  Is there a memory associated with this outfit (or part of it)?

Sure. Mike took Patrick out to Salt Lake when Real Salt Lake hosted Real Madrid. Mike handled television for the event. Patrick went to the reception at the Governor's mansion, escorted a player on the field, attended a training session with Madrid, and met David Beckham. They got the memory. I got the T-shirt. It's a very cool shirt:-)

2.a.  Are you listening to music?

Yes. There is a tab open with the Life in a Nutshell and Megan is indoctrinating me with BNL. My baby is literally rocking out. I wish you could see video. Karoline's all about rhythm.

b.  Was this intentional?

Oh, it was very intentional on Nutmeg's part. She's on a quest to convert the world.

c.  What does the music make you remember?

That I have teenaged sons who will be very amused when they come in here, rub sleep from their eyes, and find that it's not a weird dream-- I'm listening to "Waking up to the Sound of Your Voice"--BNL from some other mom's blog.

3.a.  Describe the objects within arms' reach.

I may need to opt for a photo for this...printer, stacks of Oak Meadow manuals, the CHC catalog, every Waldorf book I own (look for a sidebar list later today),Educating the WholeHearted Child, craft books, Homeschooling with Gentleness, a St. Therese prayer card, Catholic Mosaic, stacks of catalogs, two Catholic Women's Daily Planners...I'm trying to get a vision for the coming school year.

b.  Choose one object and tell where you acquired it.

I acquired the Oak Meadow manuals on loan  from someone who weaves sunshine and candlelight into her every day...

c.  On the whole, are the objects new (memory blanks) or old (memory filled)?

I think most of them are memory filled. I've dug them out to help me remember all those things which first inspired me to educate my children with peace and gentleness.

4.a.  What room are you in?

The learning room. I'm using the only computer--I have to do this very early in the morning or I won't be able to concentrate because this room will fill with children soon.

b.  To what extent is it yours?

The room? It's not. I only pretend it is in the wee hours. I have no room of my own--maybe someday, when I am old, but then I'll import children because they make a room so much more interesting.

c.  What kind of memories will you have in the future of this room?

Well, if I could buckle down and actually plan for this year, I could write a whole post or two on that one, but I've spent the summer traveling from Denver back to Virginia to Ponte Vedra, Florida, back to Virginia and then to Long Island, New York. There's a conference expecting my attention next week. Then, maybe I can look towards creating memories at home.

5.  What were you doing before starting this post, and what would you like to do next?

Before I sat down to work on this, I was sleeping.

Next? The plan was to blog about a family reunion in New York or art at my aunt's or more seashore memories, but the grunting and tooting coming from the baby at my feet indicate that I'm going to change a diaper next.

You asked;-)!

I tag Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, and Jennifer. If your name's Jennifer, even if I  didn't link, consider yourself tagged.

While I appreciate the beauty, the materials and some of the methods of Waldorf education, I am not a follower of Rudolf Steiner, his educational philosophy, or his religion. I am a practicing Catholic who is very clear in teaching the faith to her children. Please see this post for any further explanation of incorporating methods or materials that might also appear in Waldorf schools into your home. Take inspiration from what is good and what in in harmony with the true faith and leave the rest. If you can't discern, then leave it all alone.