The Effect of L. M. Montgomery on a Twelve-Year-Old Boy

After about nineteen hours in the car, and all of Anne of Green Gables and much of Anne of Avonlea, we stopped somewhere in North Carolina for the last night of our trip. We were all pretty tired of each other  traveling. The stories had been our saving grace, those and the Tic-Tacs we kept feeding Katie to keep her quiet settle her stomach.

After the lights were out in the hotel room, Nicholas asked no one in particular, "How does heaven make snow?"

Mary Beth answered, "It starts to rain, but it's really cold so the rain turns to snow. Now, go to sleep."

Patrick leaped to answer more poetically, "God cries and his tears fall as rain. But the angels give Him Tic-Tacs. They make His breath icy cold and He blows on the raindrops. They turn to snow  and twinkle at Him as they fall to earth."

I smiled into my pillow. Lucy Maud Montgomery would be pleased.

Pictures tomorrow. I promise.