Want more Waldorf?

Several people have asked for Waldorf book suggestions. I'm dashing off for a weekend of soccer, so I'll leave you with lots of links. Lissa has a whole archives of Waldorf topics, including resources she's found helpful. She specifically addresses books here and she discusses her perspective on Waldorf resources here. My favorite books are on my sidebar. If I had to pick just two (or three;-), I'd go for All Year Round, which is the Christian festival book and  Heart of Learning and Home Teacher's Process Manual which are great books of why and how. If your children are not yet school-aged, I'd read Beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Kim has some commentary here on coming around to Waldorf again as well; and don't miss her lesson plans for her pre-school co-op (a little Waldorf, a little Montessori, and a whole lot of experienced MOM). Dawn has some planning suggestions with a Waldorf-ish flair, as she is rooted in her early Oak Meadow days and has successfully taken that foundation and incorporated faith beautifully. Donna has some beautiful Waldorf-inspired festival tables. And there's always a conversation or two at the message boards. Have a beautiful weekend!

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While I appreciate the beauty, the materials and some of the methods of Waldorf education, I am not a follower of Rudolf Steiner, his educational philosophy, or his religion. I am a practicing Catholic who is very clear in teaching the faith to her children. Please see this post for any further explanation of incorporating methods or materials that might also appear in Waldorf schools into your home.  Don't look to Waldorf for spiritual direction. Take ideas and  inspiration from what is good and what in in harmony with the true faith and leave the rest. If you can't discern, then leave it all alone.