He really did it

It's official. I know this to be true, because we just threw a party. The children made a list of party food and called the neighbors. I let them eat up there (snickers bars,doritos, buffalo wings, sprite--in that order. Sorry,  Mary Chris;-). And now, it's really official.

Nicky has moved out of my room.

It started last night with a solemn pronouncement:

"Mom, I'm going to sleep in my bed tonight."

With that, he scooped up his blankets and pillow off the airbed on my bedroom floor and carried them to the bed in Christian's room where he has never slept. He pulled the dog off the bed. And there, he slept the whole night.

Today, he decided he couldn't bear to spend another night in a room with football and basketball posters and no soccer memorabilia.  Furthermore, Christian is usually studying into the wee hours of the morning and then sleeping late. So, Patrick muscled Nicholas' bed into his room and now Patrick, Nicholas, and Stephen are happy together.

The dog is beyond distraught. (He's eying that available air mattress.)

And I'm wondering why they all have to keep growing up.