How to Have a Perfectly Wonderful Day

October_2007_070Begin with a beautiful autumn day.Make a hearty casserole first thing in the morning because you know it won't happen later.  Pile everyone into the van to drive out to the country to go apple picking. Meet two other families there for a total of three moms who are friends and seventeen kids who are happy to spend a school day in the sunshine.
October_2007_024 Let them pick all the apples they want, knowing that you will spend the next week baking, canning, freezing, and eating apples in so very many recipes.October_2007_071

October_2007_180 When you arrive home, drop everything to make a giant-sized apple crisp. Fill the house with the sweet smell of autumn.



Draw Apple Blossoms and Apple Blossom fairies. Copy the Apple Blossom Fairy's song.

Pile back into the van, go to soccer practice. Bring along a bag stuffed with "apple books."

The Apple Cake
Alyosha's Apple
The Apple Pie Tree
How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World
Johnny Appleseed
The Life and Times of the Apple
Apple Picking Time
Rain Makes Applesauce
How do Apples Grow?
Brother Bartholomew and the Apple Grove

October_2007_080 Return home, eat that hearty casserole with some very hungry children who are happy and contented after a full day of sunshine and autumn breezes. Curl up with apple crisp and an authoritative Red Sox win. It's all good.

Look for Apple Recipes at the kitchen blog this week. I'll upload as I can.