It's "E" Week!

October_2007_212And we have all sorts of Eggceptional plans. We're beginning with that new annual tradition, The Sun and Candlelight Eggnog Taste  Test. (And the tip about Evan Almighty wasn't lost on me, either, as it fits nicely into the theme of the week. My children thank you, Dawn.) This morning, we are off down the alphabet path with Mrs. Applebee to see what's so special about the letter "E". Later, we'll be stopping to discover how the gnomes learn about place value.
We have some crafts planned for the morning and geography for the afternoon (even thought the Red Sox have left Denver, our hearts are still there--M0nday Night Football is in Colorado this week). Lots and lots and lots to do! Many Blessings to you on this excellent autumn day.