"K" is for Sweetie Pie

Karolines_birthday_001_2I know that last week was "D" week, so this should be "E" week. At Funschool it's "F" week . And at Serendipity, we went all the way back to "A" week and then we sent you plans for "B" week. But here, it's really still Birthday Week. And we're way tired of cake. Inspired by Sophie's beautiful "A"pple Pie, we made Karoline a birthday version for our sweetie pie.I didn't have a deep dish pie pan, so that daisy cake pan was pressed into service again. Something about daisies amidst this week's roses seems just perfect to me:-) Katie and Nicky cut out "KarolineRose" to go around the edges. Karolines_birthday_002_2

The children painted their faces like animals in honor of St. Francis' feast. Then, there was cream to whip.


We had one happy sweetie pie!