On the Big Feast of the Little Flower

October_2007_001I had so many plans for this day that I was up before dawn to begin to prepare. I was most excited about these  very small picture frames (intended to be placecard holders) I found at a bridal store. They are trimmed with tiny roses. They weren't expensive at all, so I got one for each child. I've been going through my St. Therese quote book and choosing a quote for each of my children. I wanted today to feel like a holiday.  I  planned special food and I even had  a special candle I'd saved for this day. Honestly, though, I woke up exhausted.  I couldn't find the candle. I asked Katie (whose "real" name is Kirsten Therese) what she wanted for dinner and she told me pizza and buffalo wings. Since it's her name day, she's picks. Blech.  I made sugared roses. They browned and withered. I made molded candy roses. They looked weird. I despaired a bit about the cake. How to make it a rose cake without roses? Christian suggested we use the daisy cake pan. That works. Therese once wrote, "In the world of souls, the living garden of the Lord, it pleases Him to create great Saints, who may be compared to the lilies or the rose; but He also created little ones, who must be content to be daisies or violets." I rather like daisies; they're hardy and cheerful. I found the candle. Pizza and wings made perfect sense since it's a Monday Night Football night.

I love this saint. I don't always understand her, but I love her very much. And I am devoted to her. Whenever I start to feel as if my faith is floundering or my joy is in jeopardy, I look to her. And she always, always brings me to God. I began a novena nine days ago for intentions I hold close in my heart. The dear Little Flower brought those intentions to our Lord on my behalf. I know this because I've seen God's answers to some of those requests already. And I know this because of the rose. When the child named for Therese of the Child Jesus goes out to the garden and picks a perfect
Our Lady of Guadalupe rose for me just as I was wondering about the center of the cake, I am sure I've received a message of love.

I'm off to watch until halftime and then to pray the rosary with St. Therese. Many blessings to you on this beautiful feast!