Where You are From: The Mary Beth Birthday Edition

BeeboYou are from  calico, from Hannas and Capezio.

You are from lots of brothers and--finally--two little sisters.

You are from from the Bradford pear, roses bushes, and Mary gardens.

You are from why-I-love-you birthday graces at dinnertime and backyard soccer summers, Mary Sunshine, Beetle Bee and Mini-Mom.

You are from the very intense and the very creative.

From "stand up straight" and "go far post."

You are from big, Catholic families--the quiet little girl at the huge, noisy, Italian party, reminding everyone (even me) of your Mama. You are a devotion to the Little Flower. You are named for the Blessed Mother and her cousin--you are the charity and hospitality of The Visitation.

You are from Virginia; the sweet song of southern charm is second nature to you. And you are from Chik-Fil-A-on-the-way-to-ballet and half lemonade-half sweet tea.

From the quiet afternoon when you were the first to welcome Karoline into the world, both of you wide-eyed at the wonder of each other-- a bond born that day and blossoming beautifully over time.

From Katiebean-the-family-queen, who adores you more than life itself, from tireless tender moments when you share with her all the beauty and goodness in your world--stories read, baby games played, tea parties shared, pictures drawn, dances danced, memories made.

Marybeths_pics_033 You are the best sister anyone could ever have and the dearest daughter I could have never imagined.

You are from your own blog carefully kept and a memory book for your baby sister. You are from Mama's book dedicated to you. You are from a hope chest full of my memories, carefully saved so many years ago for my "someday daughter."

You are from a kindred spirit, a fervent prayer, a blazing love. You are the child of my heart.

Happy, happy birthday, dear one.