He's Home

November_2007_028He'll be here in his own bed for five whole nights (maybe six). He'll be in the kitchen in the mornings (I might even score some barista-style coffee). He'll be around late at night to read stories to small people and to hang out and talk with us. He'll settle into the familiar holiday rhythms that are so much a part of our family and would be so full of holes without him. And speaking of holes...

he's wearing earrings.

Alrighty then,  I guess I couldn't really expect everything to be just as it was before he left.

Ahem. That's me. Sticking to the "ignore it and it will go away strategy." Ill get back to you on how it's working.

In the meantime, I'm off to revel in the familyness of it all. Kiss your big boys and your babies and everyone in between. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving. You're in my prayers today.