My weekend project

November_2007_009My homemaking notebook is about a year old. I have to say that I'm very grateful Kim talked me into this endeavor. And, tonight, I'm very appreciative of her gift to me. I was appreciative when she first sent me the binder and the dividers. They were beautiful and she perfectly nailed my "graphic personality." A little country, a little Susan Branch. I want Kim to come decorate my house--she could probably make it look more "me" than I can. But, now that I've undertaken a little makeover, I'm even more appreciative. It takes some effort to make these look beautiful! I recycled some of Kim's work and added some fresh paper where needed. And they're so pretty, I'm inspired all over again!

My binder was becoming big and cumbersome and was looking a little rough around the edges. So, I bought three smaller, heavyduty binders and set about to break the big binder apart. I made a kitchen binder (and named it after my kitchen blog), a "faith in our home" binder where I will keep all my notes for our family's celebrations of the liturgical year, and a home management binder for schedules and chores/cleaning routines, and everything else that was in the big book.

I'm pleased with the way they look. Very inspiring. Do you wonder what's in them?

November_2007_010 Um.



I'm working on it. Stay tuned.