Handmade for Karoline

ToyfairlogoI missed Colleen's fair by a long time, didn't I? Still, I love this logo, so I'm going to pretend that everyone hasn't packed up and gone home. Mary Beth and I made a doll for Karoline today. I meant to get to it earlier, but I'm glad that it worked out this way. It was a peaceful little project for the afternoon and I'm just so tickled with this wee doll. (Christian did much baby entertaining when Kara woke far too early from her nap, bless his dear heart.)The craft itself is enjoyable and the doll is so endearing.Mary Beth was very patient and she is especially fond of the face, which is all her own handwork. Now, I just need to discipline myself (and my daughter) so that we don't cave and give it to her early:-).Incidentally, someone asked about gift giving in a family so large. The children each get one gift from us for Christmas (stockings were given on St. Nicholas day).
They all draw names to give a gift to a sibling. So, that's it: just two presents each on Christmas day, though grandparents and godparents definitely chime in during the season. We've done very well with our handmade intentions. Nearly everything this year has been handmade by us or someone else, with just a few exceptions. Next year, I vow to start earlier. And next year, by golly I'm going to learn to knit! Without further ado, here's "Little Muffin Cake Girly Doll" (Only her working title. Karoline has naming rights.)

We can hardly wait to introduce you to your friend, Little One!