I'm in!

Sarah who is making a beautiful Catholic home in the Great Plains has issued a challenge. Here are the parameters:

Strive for these Goals

1. Invite the Blessed Mother to my home. . .daily, with a Memorare for the intention of asking her to visit me as she did her cousin, and to help me keep my eyes toward heaven.

2. Begin my day with a Morning Offering-to offer my all to God

2. Follow a simple organizational routine

3. Take on little things to help our household stay beautiful and joyful.

4. Write about household topics and link others' blogs who are motivational

The Rules:

1. Remember People are more important than things

2. Remember that messes look bigger than they are

3. Small things done in the home can add beauty

4. Stay real: we will never be perfect, especially with children around us

5. Keep a sense of humor

6. Forgive myself for imperfection and limitations, focusing on those thing I do accomplish

7. Persevere

I'm in; are you?