Please Pray with Us -- The Time is Near

We're keeping vigil on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and into the morning of Santa Lucia. God bless Jenn and baby!

Nicholas woke up this morning and made note of the fact that it is November 21st. That means it's exactly a month until December 21st, his birthday. He has decided that it's a very good day to start a prayer vigil for another December baby. Won't you please join us in praying for Jenn and her baby? Leave her a note below to let her know you'll be whispering to St. Nicholas on her behalf.

November_2007_025_2 God our Father, we pray
that through the intercession of St. Nicholas,
you will protect Jenn and her baby.
Keep them safe from harm
and help them grow
and become worthy in your sight.
Guide their doctors and all who care for them. Bless them with wisdom and skill.
Give strength to Dave and to little Gregory as they welcome the new baby to their family and as they care for their precious wife and mother.
Give them all strength to keep their faith in you;
and keep alive their joy
in your creation, particularly the miracle of this new little soul.
We call upon your mercy, O Lord.
Through the intercession of St. Nicholas,
keep Jenn and the baby safe in these final days of pregnancy and throughout the delivery.
In your infinite goodness, bless the Miller family with a beautiful homecoming as they rejoice with the world at the birth of the Baby.Amen.