I knew it!

I'm a complicated voter. I went to the Candidate Calculator, read all the tabs on the issues and then did the quiz to have them match me with my candidate. The computer failed me. I came up with a three-way tie (exactly 70.83%) for Huckabee, Obama, and Romney. So much for having the computer figure this out for me. I highly recommend going to the calculator, clicking on the issues, and then taking the quiz. It's interesting to really look at what the site says the top issues are and it's very interesting to see where your ideas line up with candidates' positions.It's also a great way to initiate conversation with the teenagers in your house. At that, friends, is my first and last political post because, clearly, I'm confused.

ETA: My son points out that I'm not as confused as the calculator would indicate because if it comes down to it, I'm a one issue voter and being solidly pro-life trumps all.