Now here's a challenge!

I have been a slug for three days now. I can't seem to motivate myself to do much of anything...I want to de-clutter; I want to write curriculum; I want to do all sorts of things. Just not very much;-) But I think Rebecca might be lighting a fire beneath me. She is reading It's All Too Much and she's moving along quite nicely. Now, Rebecca is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks. One would think that fact alone would motivate me. Do I really want the woman who is on an organizing, de-cluttering tear to see my chaos? Apparently so, because I'm sitting here, doing very little, and thinking maybe when she gets here, she'll help me:-).
Today, Rebecca broke down how she "did" her sunroom. She took Peter Walsh's advice to heart and then she shared it with the world. I might be getting just a little motivated. I could do that. I could go room by room and list its purpose and make a plan. At least, I think I could. Tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow. Right after soccer, ballet, and basketball. I'll start with the storage/craft room. I promise.