Alphabet_pictures_007Is your family traveling down the serendipitous path of delightful and directed learning with us this year? Can they sing the fairy songs and sign the alphabet and count in unison with silly gnomes? Do they have an appreciation for wildflowers and plant families that is growing every day? Do they paint and draw and model with beeswax? Are welt felt folk your new best friends? Are you loving this?

Me too.

Gnomes_and_gnumbers_013 I enjoyed the fall so much and so did my children. We've brought beauty into our lives and established a rhythm that works for us. Much of that joy emanated from a home in Texas and the infectious enthusiasm of Katherine and her children. We had established a synergistic relationship that made homeschooling a big bunch of children a whole lot less lonely. Real life co-ops aren't practical in my life for a myriad of reasons, but this virtual co-op was a blessing beyond compare.

Fairy_dust_pictures_046 Honestly, I'm feeling a bit sluggish without Katherine walking the Alphabet Path with me.It's a little lonely. But I've been so encouraged by the kind words and enthusiasm of women who have shared that they've caught the Serendipity bug, too.  I think it might be time for us to "co-op" a bit.

If you are using Serendipity, please send along a link with a blog post about what you're doing and how you're doing it. (elizabeth.serendipity spam @ off the spam and close the spaces) If you don't have a blog, send me an email and pictures, too, if you'd like. Put "Serendipity-do-dah! in the subject line. Even if it's only remotely related to what's on the Serendipity blog, consider sharing so that we can all ride the wave of your enthusiasm. I'll gather them all together and we'll have a Fairy Fest on Monday, January 21st. It's mid-January; we're rapidly approaching the lethargy and  burnout of February. Let's not let it catch us.