Snow days!

January_2008_040We interrupt the regularly scheduled plan for a Snow Day (or two or three)! Yesterday, we had our first snowfall of the year--about 5 inches or so. Since this is Virginia and I can't count on a second snowfall of the year, I put all our regular plans on hold in order to "get real" in the snow. I think I love snow even more than some of my children (definitely more than my littlest, apparently). Must be those early years in New England--I find myself envying some people and their weather. Snow Days are extraordinary in my house. For one, they get capital letters on blog posts. And they get special foods--just like feast days.

January_2008_027 So, yesterday, as soon as an early morning phone call confirmed that it would indeed be a snow event (it helps when one's son has godfather who directs the early news--thanks Bill), I started making lists. First, the food list, so that Michael could make a quick dash to the store:

January_2008_038 Then, we gathered some snow books, not too many, but a few favorites:
My Brother Loved Snowflakes
Snowflake Bentley
The Snowy Day
Sugar Snow
The Mitten
The Three Snow Bears
Owl Moon

And one to memorize: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Yesterday,  I just let them play (and eat and read a little). Today, we'll start to think about snow. We'll peruse the links below and scamper off down trails of interest. Reading and notebooking about snow is the order of the day (and  probably a few days next week). And we have company coming next week, too. So, the real life of weather and friends will push the Alphabet Path aside until the week after next. It will be there waiting for us when we have finished enjoying and learning from this unexpected gift of God.