Sorry 'bout that!

I intended to do a real quick fix to the look of the blog this morning and ended up creating one comical combination after another. And then I kept getting called away by real life. Anyhoo, I think we're all set for the season now:-) I appreciated notes from folks who were missing certain sidebar items last time I re-decorated, so if something's missing now, please give me a shout (or send an e-mail).

Oh, and to those who expressed their sympathy for Nicky and his hero's loss yesterday, you'll be pleased to know that he brightened considerably when he considered the fact that the littlest brother of the sports superstar family has taunting rights for at least a week. It's not often the little brother bests the bigger ones on the playing field--Nicky knows this truth all too well. Suddenly, my die-hard Peyton fan has decided Eli's his man!This is good news because now he might be persuaded to let me wash that uniform he's been wearing every day since mid-December.