A Little Romance

So, it's an absolutely dreary, icy February day and I haul my sick self out of bed to lay on my keyboard and write an overdue column. When it's finished, I do what I do promptly every other Thursday before the office opens every other Friday. I email it to Ann, the managing editor at the Herald and ask her to let me know she got it. Ann is my friend. We've worked together long distance for fifteen years. I've trusted her with my heart my columns all that time. She knows me pretty well--she's probably the only person on the planet who has read every single column I've ever written. And I know her a little, too. I remember writing to her in the early morning just before I went to the emergency room when I thought I was miscarrying last time I was pregnant. And she wrote back and comforted me and promised her prayers. Then, she understood the bittersweet news when I relayed that there were two babies but just one heartbeat and she shared with me a little bit of her own sorrow. Ann is my age and has never been married. She is a wonderful, talented, woman of grace and God. On that day, I began to offer a prayer every time I sent a column that God would send someone her way.

Today, when she tells me she's received my column, she passes along some happy news! She's engaged! He's the associate publisher of the Florida Catholic (I'm afraid to ask what this means for us).She also tells me that she's in the running for a wedding photography prize package. Ann is used to being behind the camera. What a great gift it would be for her to spend her day being captured by someone else's professional camera. If you're a sucker for a love story, go read Ann's (written by the love of her life) and  then scroll to the bottom and vote for "Ann and Chris."