Before 12 O'Clock

I remember distant Saturdays, many years ago, when we hung around the house and made a leisurely breakfast. We did odd jobs and got the laundry all caught up. I'm sure we did something else but I can't quite remember how we filled those days. All that is different now. Mike's on an airplane this morning. In the meantime, my morning is not quite leisurely:

  • Pick up Michael (and his laundry)
  • Quick run to the craft store. We were one "L" short when we painted and decorated our wooden "ALLELUIA" before hiding it. Need Valentine sprinkles.
  • Drop off Nicky and Stephen at soccer.
  • Drop off Mary Beth at ballet.
  • Drop off Paddy so he can get a ride to Williamsburg for soccer.
  • Pick up Nicky and Stephen.
  • Take Christian to basketball.
  • Take Nicky and Stephen to basketball.

I gave up coffee (again) at Patrick's insistence when this news came out. (He's hopeful that there will be another baby and wants to take no chances. It was a very, very sweet request; there was no thought of refusing). The morning will be powered instead by Hot Cinnamon Spice and a fruit smoothie. Happy Saturday!