What type of Mother Hen Are You?
by Montessorimom.com: Educational Resource

I am also a basketball mom hen. I know this because my seven-year-old is never, ever without a basketball in his hands. And he's shooting free throws in the basement pretty much every waking hour. And I keep getting nasty-grams from the Homeowner's Association because Mike moves the hoop out of the driveway to the very private street  so the boys can play and then leaves town before he moves it back. Hello? It's heavy. I know it doesn't belong there but can you cut me some slack? And besides, did you notice the throng of kids around it all the time? I'm entertaining the neighborhood. Would you rather they hang around street corners?  Oh, let them play in the backyard, you say? Well they do. When there isn't ice all over the backyard. And then they tear up the grass playing soccer and football. And then I get nasty-grams about the grass being bare.I'm a soccer mom and if I were to leave this neighborhood, it would spare the Mean Homeowner's Association Militant Mom with the Clipboard a whole lot of paper. And it would leave some kids impoverished.