From the inbox...

A visitor to my blog writes:

I love your blog, but honestly, reading it makes me want to quit homeschooling.  I am the mother of 4, ages 6 (soon to be 7), 5, 3, and 11 months.  I can never imagine myself doing what you do.  Do you even sleep??  All of your stuff looks so awesome and inspiring, but I just don't know how I am ever going to have the time.  As it is I barely get math and reading done with my first two.  Add on potty training, illness, van maintenance, errands, housework... I just can figure out how to organize it all.  And you do it with many more kids, and a blog to boot...Sorry to dump.  I just feel very small and incompetent next to all the things you have done and do with your kids. :-(

Dear Friend,
I really think you should stop reading my blog. Take some time to step back, with your husband, and discern whether or not God is calling you to educate your children at home. If indeed He is, then surround yourself only with things which encourage you, educate you, and build you up. Don't waste precious time reading blogs that cause you to compare yourself to someone else unfavorably and to ultimately become discouraged. Please remember, you cannot possibly know all the components of anyone else's life, whether online or in real life. God hasn't called you to be like anyone else. He's called you to be what He created you to be. If my blog or anyone else's blog or any kind of curriculum discourages you, don't go there. Find resources which can help you meet your needs. Time is too precious to waste on any input that is not useful to you. I've written about bad days and burnout and time management, but I might not be speaking your language. If not, don't read it. There are so many, many worthy ideas out there. Homeschooling doesn't look the same in every family. I encourage you to find the lifestyle to which God is calling your family. You can be assured of my prayers as you discern!