Nicky's Train of Thought

Nicky was obviously envious as we made Stephen's birthday breakfast this morning. I reminded him that we were celebrating Stephen being born and he was to be especially grateful that God put Stephen here to be his best friend before Nicky was born. He agreed that was "pretty good." Then,

"But he wins everything we play. He beats me every single time. Except when Paddy's the ref and then Paddy cheats for me and I win. But cheaters never win (HT: Dan Bean) and that's why I hate the Patriots. And I hope that Eli beats their pants off because Peyton probably always beat him when they were little. And they probably always acted like in that Sportscenter commercial. Except I know Eli won the Double Stuff Racing League. And I could probably win that. Can we buy Oreos today?"

Sure. Why not?