In praise of empty space

March_2008_024Empty space, even a little bit of it, is good to have. It is good on a practical level, in that if the attic or the closets are not full of things that are never used, it will be easier to get to the things that do get used. But empty space is good on a psychic and symbolic level as well. A primary objective of keeping house is to make room--room for connecting and reconnecting with other people and with the rhythms of individual and common life: meals, rest, work, play. As we make decisions about what to put in our houses and what to take out of them, we have the opportunity to make room in those houses for ourselves, for our fellow household members, and for guests. --from Keeping Home: The Litany of Every Day Life

Much of Lent was dedicated to creating empty spaces in my home. To read more about the endeavor and how this empty trash bag box significantly opened channels of grace, click here for this week's column.