So far... good! We didn't have our Seder supper with friends this year, but we did have a Holy Thursday meal. I fixed the Seder foods Barbara described in her post (and now I don't even have to link recipes because she has). Half my family was missing. All the big boys and dad were gone. Happily, I have lots of lamb left with which to make gyros on Saturday. And, since we had so few of us yesterday, there were just enough leftover St. Joseph Bisque Tortonis to go around.
    Feeling rather overwhelmed by the thought of taking  the five little ones to Mass by myself particularly after having taken them Easter shoe shopping and major grocery shopping earlier in the day, I remembered that EWTN was televising Mass from the National Shrine. Oh, yeah, that's why I had the five little ones by myself, wasn't it? Mike was directing that Mass. So, we watched Mass on television and I discovered that we could see things on TV that we don't see when we are there in person. Because of all the different angles and the exceedingly good judgment of the director, the experience at home was an unexpected blessing. I found myself moved to tears at the end.
I'm still working out the details of today and tomorrow (the Vigil will be televised as well)  but I am so encouraged by yesterday that I'm hopeful that we can make it all work! If you are at home tomorrow evening, do take a peek at EWTN. I was struck yesterday by what a blessing television can be. And I'm griping much less about Mike's absence when I consider what it is he's out there doing.
    Don't forget! The Divine Mercy novena begins today. And if you are going to make Resurrection Cookies tomorrow to have waiting Easter morning, you need to be sure to have the ingredients on hand. I think I'm going to make Resurrection Rolls this year for Easter Morning. Rolls and a smoothie and a hard boiled egg, and I think we can dash out the door and back to the Shrine for Easter morning Mass.