Bountiful Birthday Bluebells

Three years ago, we spent this week in April as we always do: on the banks of the creek, breathing in the loveliness of the Virginia Bluebells. I admit that on April 19th, it was difficult to tear myself away from the television and go out into the woods. My husband was working at home that day and he called to tell me when it looked like white smoke. And so, we welcomed Joesph Ratzinger as our Holy Father out there in the middle of bountiful blue flowers, surrounded by dear friends. This year, our Holy Father is here in America. And it's his birthday! The bluebells are ever so lovely this year. It just so happens that my friend Colleen shares a birthday with the Pope and she has asked for flowers on this day. We are happy to send her this birthday bouquet. They're not in flower pots though; the spread is much too big to be contained:-).
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