No School Today!

41ocie8n3l_sl500_aa240_At least, not for Mary Beth. The long awaited sequel to The Penderwicks arrived in the mail yesterday. She pre-ordered it in September and has been counting the days until its arrival. Mary Beth is a huge Penderwicks fan. I'm tickled to see her love a book so much, though I'm a bit sad not to share her passion. She devoured The Penderwicks and wanted me to read it after she did. I admit I could not get past the mother named Elizabeth who died of cancer. It's been eighteen years since cancer for me, but I still am no fan of fictional mothers who die. Sigh. Mary Beth read it aloud to Katie and together they've been waiting impatiently for more. I have long thought that one of the greatest beauties of home education is the ability to grant days off to binge read. The Penderwicks on Gardham Street has arrived. So, let the binge begin!