Simply Lovely Spring!

Loveliness_buttonIsn't blogging grand? One can flip on the computer and escape to a virtual world where there are no germs, among other things. I can actually pretend for a few moments that all is loveliness...
We still have the flu. Yes, I know we did that already but this one's a new virus--bigger, better, stronger even than the first. So, there will be no opening weekend of soccer for my boys. Instead, we greet the spring with the hum of the nebulizer drowning out the chirping return of the birds. There's always an upside, I suppose: my husband is thrilled to have lost twelve pounds this week. He just sweat it all off. No one is eating so I suppose we're saving a good deal of grocery money. I've memorized all the songs from Enchanted now. I didn't have to drive anywhere last week. And I am assured that the bluebells have not yet bloomed.
But in the blogosphere, it's spring. Ladies are sprucing up. Blogs are changing templates to reflect the blooming world. We've got a new round of Simply Lovely Fairs planned. Pay Colleen a visit and start thinking about these little joys that herald a season of new life.