"O" Boy!

Alphabet_pictures_052The "O" post is up at Serendipity! At long last, Michael continues his journey-- encountering fairies, discovering flowers, meeting saints, and learning letters. Thank you for your patience as we've struggled to get back on the Alphabet Path. You'll be relieved to know that we've several more stories all queued up and we're just putting finishing touches on booklists and rabbit trail ideas. Look for the rest of the letters to follow in quick succession.

I'm not so keen on blogging lessons in real time. This is the first year I've written plans as I went and it's really not my style. So, I'm going to double-time through the summer. We've got lots of great ideas for history and science blocks for next year and plans to have the lessons written well before the fall:-). Here's my hint to what's in store. The first history block will draw heavily upon the books in the Fourth of July basket on the sidebar. And those lessons? All laid out and kid-tested. We're just going to put a polish on them and bring in some fresh ideas!