Paper Clutter

Back when I was on a homemaking roll, I invited your questions. Little did I know that I was about to spend the next few months too sick pregnant to do anything much in the homemaking department, never mind write about it. But I have been thinking about those questions! One, in particular, is an easy one to answer and so I thought I'd toss it out there to get those homemaking juices flowing again. Dawn asks:

My biggest problem is paper clutter. What do I need to save, how doI organize what needs to be saved, what can I throw away? Most of the flat surfaces in my home are hot spots for paper and it drives me NUTS! I know what to do with the toys, the clothes, the books...but I'm at a loss when it comes to paper. How do you deal with it?

My first suggestion is that you sort the mail over the recycling bin. If you can help it, never touch something more than once. And my second suggestion is that you read this post by Kim and put those wheels in motion. Once you've nailed down her file system, the rest is easy!