Thank God

Warning: Suzanne, read no further.

Thank God the basement flooded and we had to rent an industrial strength carpet cleaner yesterday. Thank God the woman who rented it to Michael talked him into chipping in an extra two dollars for the upholstery hose attachment because "you never know when you're going to need it until you need it." Thank God that after we got the basement under control, I figured we better bring the big  machine upstairs and do those carpets, too. Might as well get our money's worth. Thank God that carpet cleaner with the hose attachment was sitting right there when Stephen threw up all over the couch.  The "only" things in his stomach? Popcorn, Skittles, and Sprite happily consumed at Prince Caspian earlier in the day. But that industrial cleaning machine? It made cleanup so much easier and more efficient and probably saved the couch from eternal demise. Thank God. He knew.