What a Great Idea!


Bass Pro Shops might be my new favorite store! Now we have somewhere to take all those dated video games. And the trade-in value could be quite good, depending on how we cash in.

If you take them up on their "Get Off The Couch & Go Outdoors" offer, from May 21st though the 26th you can trade in an old video game for 15% off Bass Pro Shops branded merchandise across several categories. The good folks at Bass Pro shops want our kids outside. Even if they're still going to sit, better to "Sit Somewhere Else" without game buttons in their hands. (Full disclosure: I learned about this promo while sitting on the couch watching endless loops of Sports Center. The Bass Pro Shops commercial is really clever.)

According to the good folks at Bass Pro Shops, "The donated games will all be going to Get Well Gamersfor redistribution among their network of hospitals. M rated games will find their way to troops overseas through GWG's partnership with Fun for Our Troops

Find a Bass Pro Shops near you and get off the couch and get outside!