So, really, what is He saying?

About ten minutes after I posted this, my computer died. Not just a crash--a complete refusal to get online. I can still access files and photos (thank goodness) but I can't get online. And I admit, I really thought that God was making it very clear where the pruning was happening. I have limited access to Michael's computer. It was formerly a Mac laptop. The screen burned out and now it's a Mac laptop hooked up to a Dell monitor. It's awkward and I miss my mouse. I can't figure out how to hyperlink.It took about ten minutes to link above. The only time I have access to it is when my children are sleeping or outside or otherwise engaged happily (as with my desktop) AND when Michael doesn't need it. And he's doing summer school online.So, pretty much, all the stars have to line up, all the children have to be asleep, and Michael has to be out of the house in order for me to get online. Problem is, if he's gone I can't ask him a million questions about how this works.

We spent yesterday outside, picking cherries.I have great pictures but no clue how to upload from here.

And I miss my bookmarks!

Oh, yes, about thirty minutes ago, I was firmly convinced that God's message was to walk away from time online. The computer broke. I can't get online. Maybe God is telling me to focus more completely on laundry, right?

Half an hour ago, Mary Beth came up to inform me that the washing machine isn't working. Again. It breaks more than the computer. I have no back up washing machine.

So,what exactly IS He trying to say?