Of course, it's about the clothes...

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to commentary on FOXNews about the pregnancy pact. I have lots of thoughts about this particular phenomenon, most of which are expressed very well by Stef. But one expert in Gloucester truly connected some dots for me. She surmised that one of the big draws for these teenaged girls--young teenaged girls--was that maternity clothes had become so chic, so totally hip. Let me re-phrase that: high school freshmen and sophomores are eager to get pregnant becuae they know they'll look pretty darn cute in today's maternity fashions.

And that explains a lot.

It explains why my maternity clothes left from pregnancies with Michael and Christian (20 and 17 years ago) still fit better than clothes of the same brand and size purchased recently. It explains why there is no room in these new shirts for matronly breasts. There isn't even room for full-grown breasts. The shirts are cut so low that a regular,  normal, mature bra shows above the neckline. The skirts are cut so high that one cannot reach up and lift a frightened five-year-old out of a tree. These clothes are cut for a fifteen-year-old.

So, what are grown up moms who aren't built like either Angelina Jolie or a high school cheerleader wearing these days? I'll tell you one thing, my old, old maternity clothes are priceless.