Real Learning for a song!

Linda writes:

As my husband, Greg and I have traveled to conferences this year I have taken with me various books that I have wanted to read. One of those books was Elizabeth Foss’s book, “Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home.”

This was not the first time that I have read it. Reading it again made me realize how important it is for homeschool families to get their hands on this book. It is a book to remind us of the directions we should go with our children: To raise holy Catholic Children. It is a reminder to ask ourselves what is really important in educating our children. Is it better to use textbooks that end up controlling what your family does or to help our children to love learning through living books?

Many families I know have so much stress in their homes trying to get everything done in their textbooks. Many have forgotten that we are first called to help our children become whom God has called them to be. What do I mean by all of this? We need to look at the child God has given to us. The curriculum should conform to the child and not the child to the curriculum.

“Real Learning” expounds on this and the most important duty as parents and that is to grow holy children. Yes, “Real Learning” shares with us a Charlotte Mason Education (Living Books) and what it means, but it is so much more than that. Elizabeth Foss has written this book from her heart to yours. This is a book that I feel should be in every Catholic homeschooling home. A book that we can pick up at any time and be reminded of our ultimate goal: To raise Holy Catholic Children. Elizabeth’s book will open the door to help you reach this goal and to bring education into the Heart of your home.

During the month of July we will be offering “Real Learning” for $12 because we do want to see this book in everyone’s home.

God Bless,

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