Sneak Preview~What's new for the fall term at Serendipity

If you are interested in following along with our studies this year, take a look at Serendipity today. First up, there is the first installment of the History Trail we're going to follow. There are reading, crafts, copywork, dictation, and narration suggestions for all children from first grade through high school. Keeping this in mind, remember no one should be attempting to do it all:-). And there will be an original story with each installment, just as there is on the Alphabet Path. The plans are divided into the blocks that I'm using with my family. For me, it is important that the whole family can be "on the same page" as much as possible. When I can plan for that, two things happen. The first is that our days don't feel segmented and I don't feel torn in a million directions. The second benefit is one that is a huge blessing of home eduction. Our studies become part of our family culture. They are a shared experience.

In the history block are living books suggestions along with reading assignments. For the older children, there are textbook spine suggestions. My family will also take advantage of The Teaching Company's American history high school DVDs. They are entertaining and engaging enough to capture the attention of  even young children.Two craft books are suggested as well.

In the Geography block are suggestions for living books and research projects to thoroughly delve into US Geography.

Language Arts includes specific grammar lessons which use lively, engaging picture books, as well as copywork, dictation and writing assignments that are keyed to the history reading.

There are two options for music, art and poetry. Within the history trail are simple suggestions for all of these topics. Or, if you prefer to dedicate more time to the arts, there are detailed music, art and poetry lessons which can stand alone each week. Those lessons are also tiered so that moms can choose how much or how little to introduce to each child.

All taken together, these represent a wide and generous education that also delves deeply into the subjects at hand--and the emphasis here is on living books and plenty of them, read by families learning together. My little ones will revisit the Alphabet Path. And remember, the grand plan allows for a half day of nature study outdoors every week and then a focused science afternoon as well. Faith is integrated into each and every day. The younger the child, the more time they will have for play, preferably out-of-doors.By necessity, older children will have to spend more time at their studies. The beauty of multi-level plans is that there's always enough for the eager student, but the assignments can be whittled as necessary for younger or slower students. Move up or down within the plans.Don't attempt to do them as written. In addition to the shared family experience, the unique blessing of home education is the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to the family and to the individual child. It is my sincere hope that our plans and our enthusiasm will bless you, but it is you who will make them truly come alive in your home and in the hearts and minds of your children.

[Much more on Serendipity here:-).]