Well said

I have to admit that when I first was made aware of all the negative (even condemning) opinions published by folks who appear not to like our plans or planning or people who plan, my first thought wasn't really for me. It was for the people who have stuck themselves out there with me and made our plans public. I've been fried online before and as much as I had hoped I never would (because I think sensitivity is a gift), I'm developing a thick skin. But it made me sad that these other women who have given so much of themselves were met with criticism and speculation that their houses must be a mess and their husbands and children neglected. Because I know that not to be true. My stomach did a little flip when I read this, as I munched my salad this noontime:

I feel as though I've made myself quite vulnerable in the sharing of all my planning thoughts lately...

Do click and read the rest. Every word is worth the time.