Why Don't You?

I ran into an old acquaintance at a party last weekend. It had beenabout a year since I'd last seen her and I was delighted to meet her again. She's always been a warm woman, who seemed to love to play with my babies. So, I was a bit — ahem — surprised at our exchange.
"You look tired," she said.
"Ah, I am," I replied with a wink. "I'm getting  kind of old for this." I rubbed my growing belly.
"How old are you?"
"Why don't you take the pill?"
Gulp. Um. My well-rehearsed treatise on the Culture of Life and openness to God's gracious goodness completely evaded me there in the kitchen between the bar and the buffet.
"It's against my religion." That was lame, I thought,  as nothing else sprung from my mouth.
"Well, then why don't you just tell him to stay away? Tell him you'll come find him when you want him around. Tell him to leave you alone." Read the rest here...