Battling Burnout, Lighting a Candle

I'm cleaning like a crazy woman today. I have a lot on my mind and an urgent prayer intention driving my mania. I've decided that I'm definitely an active prayer warrior. I might even be hyperactive. My mail has been interesting lately. I've had letters from people taking me to task for posting the nesting list and chiding me for making people feel badly and perhaps even contributing to the burnout of homeschool moms. And then, I've had letters from women who identify with my need to stay busy and keep moving in order to bring peace to my life. I think perhaps the disparity is one of temperament. I'm me and I've lived with me long enough to know what I need at this stage of pregnancy. And believe me, it's not to sit still and let my imagination have free reign over my life. It's to keep active and to do what I can to fulfill my corporal duties, offering it all in active prayer. I battle burnout, literally, by lighting my prayer candle and then working in my home. I find that the sleep it induces at the end of the day is a restful one.

I've also read several emails from moms who are burned out. or just plain exhausted. This is sort of unusual this time of year. I found this post to be a wonderful synopsis of what works for me when I'm approaching burnout. Clearly, the contradictory mail indicates that it's not every woman's solution. But certainly, Sarah offers a suggestion or two that will suit everyone.  Take some time to think about what she offers. I can't sit still a moment longer, but I'll be back later with just few more items to add to Sarah's list.