So, what do I think?

SpominbuscrimebillsigningI don't blog politics.

OK, maybe sometimes I do. Maybe just this once.

I've already written about how powerful Sarah Palin is. And I've said how much I love politics. Today's events appear to be pure political genius, perfectly executed. My friend Molly was here this morning, helping me dig out of the mess created in my house. We cranked up the TV so we could hear over our cleaning and chatting. My children were very interested in watching the events unfold. In all honesty, I was positively giddy all day long.

In the afternoon, I had a long chat with another mom of many, who balances writing and homeschooling and carefully nurturing a marriage. She was as tickled as I was. Can Sarah Palin appeal to traditional moms at home who are raising their children? Oh, yes, she can! Every home is different and every woman has a different way of expressing the fullness of her femininity. Some of us balance homemaking and childrearing with some kind of work at home, whether that is freelance writing or in-home childcare for children not our own. Some of us take on the formidable task of working alongside our husbands to farm the land and care for livestock. And some dedicated mothers discern to work outside their homes, while Dad takes on a greater share of child care. I know what works for my family and I think Sarah Palin and her husband know what works for hers. She's a prayerful woman. I am certain they've taken the matter to prayer at every turn.I'm not the slightest bit interested in Governor Palin's intimate conversations with her maker about how to live the calling she hears. She says she asked God and that sounds good to me. Goes back to that whole what works best for your family thing...

I've heard it said a million times over the last nine months. Every-feminist-body and her sister has held Hillary Clinton up as the ideal role model for our daughters. See? She proves that women can do anything. Be anything.

I don't think so.Hillary doesn't inspire me one bit.

Sarah Palin began her speech today by honoring the man who is her husband and introducing those five precious blessings.She began with those closest to her heart and then unpeeled the rest of the layers of who she is for us to begin to get to know. She's a complex, full woman, who is clearly confident in her varied roles. She's a nursing mom in her forties who wears her baby to public speaking engagements. Her family looks very much like the big families I know. It was obvious just in the short time we saw them how they are all interconnected to meet each others' needs.  My daughters recognized themselves in the teenaged daughter cradling the baby. And though I have no aspirations to ever be in politics, I could identify with this woman and her abundant life.

It was my sixteen-year-old son who pointed out just how much I could take from Sarah Palin's example. I was sitting in the kitchen watching Molly scrub the stove and bemoaning the fact that I can get so little done lately. I attributed my sluggishness to "advanced maternal age" (that despised term of obstetricians) and the busy-ness of life with a gaggle of children who span the ages.

"You know," said Christian from the other room, seemingly oblivious to the conversation in progress, "I think the question of her experience can be answered really easily. Just make a list of everything Sarah Palin has done during her short term as governor. Compare that to Barack Obama's accomplishments during his short time in the Senate. She looks great."

And then he looked pointedly at me. "Oh, and she was pregnant for nine months of that time. She's 44."

I'm such a slacker.

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