More Help Than I Can Handle

Me: Who re-started the washing machine?

Child: Me. I thought you hit "pause" and then forgot about it, so I got it going again.

Me: No...I was soaking diapers.


Me: Who added pasta to the boiling water?

Child: Me. I figured we were having spaghetti for dinner and you just forgot to put it in.

Me: No...we were having tortellini. And we were waiting for Daddy to call and let me know he was nearly home. I guess now we're having spaghetti. Lukewarm spaghetti.

Me: Who pushed the plunger down on the French Press?

Child: Me. I thought you'd walked away and forgotten to finish making coffee.

Me: No, I set a timer. Four minutes. No more, no less. It's only been 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Here's the question: Why do my children always assume I forgot??