Dsc_0015_2Mid-September through the first week in October have proven to be very intense in my household. I've learned in the past few years that early autumn requires my full time and attention at home. There are lots of happy things: feast days and a flurry of birthdays. There is the inevitable strain of adjusting to my husband's intensified travel schedule, coupled with the children's intensified activity schedule. We all need to hunker down and adapt to the demands of "school" and we usually have some unforeseen things thrown in there, too.  By September 13th or so, I begin to feel sensory overload, just anticipating what's to come. This year, the sensory input is coming from within me, too. A precious little person keeps tapping me and reminding me that she is in need of particularly special care. And then there is this to consider: Autumn is my very favorite time of year~outside. So, it's time to stop reading and writing on the web for a spell. Time to go for long walks, God willing.  It's time to save my words for the people in my home and hope that in doing so I will find for myself some of the silence so vital to souls of those seeking to live in His will. If I can persuade my camera to begin speaking with my computer again, I'll let my kids post pictures so our journal will continue. Otherwise, we're going to be quiet here for a few weeks. Have a beautiful, blessed early autumn!