Bedrest Funny Pages

Talking to boy child about why he has completed so little academic work this week:

Dad: Would you please explain why you didn't do any history reading or writing?

Boy: I can't sit still and read like that and I really can't sit still to write.

Mom: Well, would like to watch the Teaching Company videos and write on those instead?

Boy: (Rolling his  eyes) You so don't get it! You have no idea how hard it is to sit still for 45 whole minutes!

Mom: Well, actually...

Girls Playing House

Mary Beth: C'mon Katie, I'll play babies with you.

Katie: OK! Let's play like you're the mom and you're on bedrest. You have to get in bed and you have to be on your side and you can't get up. Those are the rules.

Mary Beth: (after climbing into bed) Oh my gracious! Look at all the stuff on the floor. Hurry! Pick it up. It's driving me nuts.