Elections for Kids

I'm in the midst of planning our Election Study for this week. And since I'm already multi-tasking (Colleen's on the phone and Karoline's "helping"), there's no chance we'll have nicely laid out lesson plans across the ages for you to read. I'm working on individual plans for my children of all ages and I'll post my notes later at Faithful Over Little Things. In the meantime,here's a list of links we're using. Click around; there's great stuff here!

Great Books:
D is for Democracy
Woodrow for President

For the bigger kids: The League of Women Voter's Guide to the 2008 Election

D is for Democracy comes with an entire free unit study here.

A rockin' trip down Memory Lane for Mom and Dad and some seriously catchy jungles for a whole new generation of future voters: Schoolhouse Rock Election Edition DVD. This comes with a map and stickers for election night.

Here are plenty of sites from which to glean ideas:

Charlotte's Great Ideas for Teaching the Electoral College

• Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
• Congress for Kids
    • Constitution Center
    • Kaboose
    • First Gov for Kids
    • National  Archives
    • National Geographic Kids
• National Museum of American History
• PBS for Kids
    • Scholastic
    • US House of Representatives for Kids
    • Weekly Reader

Once they're educated voters, be sure to have your kids vote before October 30 in the national mock election for kids.

Comments are open below if you have links or ideas on this topic to pass along.