What Does Blogging Cost Us?

This has been a perpetual question rumbling around in my brain for about a year now. Danielle asks, "Does it cost us something?" There is no doubt in my mind that it costs us something. The question is what it costs. And do the benefits outweigh the costs?In her recent post at Faith and Family Live, Danielle is exploring just where this brave, new medium is taking us. She links to what may now be a classic article Is Google Making Us Stupid? and she wonders aloud how appropriate instant publishing and real-time communication is in the worlds of genuine relationships and of genuine journalism.

I've seen the ugly side of blogging. There's no doubt there were times when I was quite certain that the cost to my family and to me personally far outweighed the benefits. And I've seen the beautiful, even holy, side.  I'm glad Danielle has opened this conversation. I think it's something we all should be pondering. So, go talk with Danielle. I can't think of a more sensible, down-to-earth hostess for this important conversation.