So much to say...

...but my heart's too full to talk.

I have a moment on the computer in the hospital. Thank you for your prayers and your kind messages. Sarah Anne is well. The medical phrase of choice here is, "She's doing exactly what she should do for her gestational age." And when I ask when we will be able to take her home, everyone answers the same way: "It's up to each baby to write her story."

Sarah's story has had one new chapter after another and each one has spoken a message of  trust. At the end of every chapter, we see so clearly the blessings of our good Lord and we feel the comfort of His abundant grace. I am learning to trust. Admittedly, I am not a quick study.

One day, I am certain I will tell the story of her birth. For now, though, thank you for the prayers. It was, indeed, a happy, healthy, holy delivery and recovery. It was a miracle really and we are so grateful.

And one day, I might even write about our NICU experience. Tonight though, I am content to ponder those things in my heart. We continue to ask the intercession of St. Sarah, whose laughter reminds us to embrace the joy; St. Anne who comforts us with grandmotherly grace; and Our Lady of La Leche who has protected us within the fold of her mantle and who knows so well the heart of nursing mothers. Jesus blesses our every moment and we are so grateful to Him for the precious gift of our beautiful baby. Please keep praying!