Light Your Christ Candle and Pray

This is Colleen hacking in to ask your prayers for our friend Maria . Elizabeth is on her way to provide prayers and support at the hospital as it looks like little #8 intends to arrive earlier than expected Maria's pregnancy complications are necessitating an early C-section that looks it will take place some time this afternoon.  Please keep Maria, her baby, and the attending medical staff in your prayers at this hour.

Update from Elizabeth: The OB has said that he's all in favor of a trial of labor. So the induction has begun. Will Maria hold her little boy on the Feast of St. Stephen or the Feast of St. John?


I'm a little slow to update--so sorry! Maria's little boy was born on the night of December 26. He's just over five pounds and was breathing room air right away. He was in the NICU very briefly and when I talked with her yesterday, he was resting comfortably with her. He's doing remarkably well and Maria feels just great!