Nicholas on the Perils of Childbirth

I was chatting with Nick yesterday on the way to confession and he was wondering aloud if he could possibly get all seven sacraments. I reminded him that it's tough to get both Matrimony and Holy Orders:

Me: Remember Ryan's grandpa? He was ordained a priest after his wife died. So, he got both. It can happen, but it's pretty rare.

Nick: So, I could do that. But, I probably won't get Annointing of the Sick, huh? I don't get really sick.

Me: You never know. I've been annointed five times. Three when I had cancer and twice before Sarah was born.

Nick: That was a good idea. You could have died in childbirth.

Me (growing concerned and wondering which big kid offered Nicky too much information): How do you know that?

Nick: Star Wars.

Me: Oh...

Nick: Luke's and Leia's mom died in childbirth.

Me: Well, that's pretty rare these days. Women just don't die in childbirth often at all. You know that, right?

Nick: Of course. Your husband would have to go to the Dark Side and then strangle you...
That's not gonna happen.

Whew. Glad to hear it.