Seven Quick Takes

  1. If you move the scale around the bathroom, you will get a different reading within five pounds every time you step on it. None of them is good. I'm sure there's some great cosmic truth in this observation but I'm not going to spend any time trying to figure it out.
  2. New family rule: If you haven't offered to help, don't criticize.'
  3. Apparently, all this time, Patrick was right. There is no need for all those books and DVDs that represent a liberal arts education in our home. He's going to spend the next semester thoroughly investigating how soccer explains the world.
  4. January 1st is always a hopeful, romantic chick flick  and January 2nd always a reality show.
  5. Just when you are sure you know absolutely nothing, ten people will write and ask advice on ten different topics.
  6. The workout IS harder on the second day.
  7. Confession is the most under-utilized superpower known to man.

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